Ignight Your Passions,

generate income doing what you love!

We do three main things,

here at Busy Gals Homestead.

1: Teaching people how to turn their homestead or hobby into a thriving business.

3: Provide Safe Herbal Treatments,

for use with your pets and livestock.


I’m Leah

Owner and author here at Busy Gals Homestead where I teaching people how to turn their hobby into a thriving business. 

"Business has no age restrictions"

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Count The Cost of Your Business Opportunity

The business opportunity cost might sound like a strange term for the homesteader. It is none the less, very important. It is so easy to get distracted by a new opportunity that comes our way. Or something that seems cool and fun to do. As entraprenures our brains are...

Simplify Your Life And Business

Life is crazy sometimes. We have so much going on and lots more that we want to do but sometimes it is just not possible.. We have to decide what is important to us and simplify what we are doing before we can pivot into the things that mean the most to us. Where do...

Meat Rabbits – Best Breeds With High Feed Conversions

Raising rabbits for meat is one of the first things that homesteaders tend to try. They don't take up a lot of space and are not a bad starter animal for a beginner. They can have their quarks but it is not to hard once you learn the basics. So if you are wanting to...

Why Should You Have A Waiting List?

Oh my gosh! I can not tell you how much good a waiting list has done for my business! There is so much good it can do its hard to know where to start. Reason #1 - It keeps you from having realy on THIER memory to call you back. Life gets busy and they forget. However,...

Why should you bring your homestead online

When you are looking for and answer to a question where do you go? Online... When you are looking to buy something where do you go? Online... Online is where the people are I could ask you so many more questions just like this but for the sake of time I wont. Your...

Don’t Step Out On Your Business

Date one business at a time... Ok that might seem like a weird analogy but it's still true. You shouldn't  date more that one person at a time and the same is true for your business. We can only do so many things well. If we spread ourselves too thin we are not giving...

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