Nothing to crazy going on here just a little forward thinking of how to keep those pain in the hinny furry bundles of joy from messing up your holiday get-to-gather by eating your baked goods or knocking decorations over.

Come on now, you know I’m no the only one who has not-so-nice thoughts about the animals when we are stressed and pinched for time.

Hopefully these quick tips will help make your holiday season with animals just a little bit easier.

Close Up The Sweets: Dogs are amazing at smelling where the food is and simply wrapping the goodies in plastic wrap or zip lock bag wont keep a determined animal out of the food. Putting the sweets in plastic containers will keep them fresher and should keep animals out of them.

Tail Waging Zone: Keeping breakable ornaments and decorations out of Tail Waging Zone became a rule in my home several years ago. If you have small dogs this is not as big of an issue. However, this has been a huge Place the non-breakable and shatter proof ornaments on the bottom portion of the tree that are in the danger zone.

No Dogs allowed: Simply put, not dogs allowed in the kitchen while I am cooking. This is as much for their safety as it is mine. I do not want to be tipping over them while I am working and try to avoid spilling something hot on them and we both end up with saver burns because of it.    

This is a though rule to put in to place and keep it there. It takes consistency and patience on everyone part. If you do not have a viable line on the floor for the dogs to see place a piece of tape across the floor. This will give the dogs a viable line to stay behind. After about 3 months of constant practice you will be able to take the tape up and say “out of the kitchen” and the animals will know what you mean.

(funny story) I always start the “line training” with my puppies almost as soon as we get them. A female saint bernard I had was about 10 weeks old when I pulled out the tape to put it down. I had to do it to two different sides to close off the main kitchen area. I got the one side of tape down and went to put down the other side. She had already figured out where what I was doing and was standing in the small area that I had not yet tapped. She had her paws in the small four inch space where the tap would go and was trying to block the space for me to put down the tape. I could not believe what I was seeing!

Corral Them: Don’t be afraid to close them in a bed room or in the garage. Sure they might be aggravated at first but offer them a cookie once the gests have gone and all will be forgiven.

Do you have and tips for others to animal proof the holidays? When other tips do you use to bring your self back to calm over the Christmas season.

Wishing you and your family a very Marry Christmas!

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