When you are looking for and answer to a question where do you go? Online…

When you are looking to buy something where do you go? Online…

bring your business online

Online is where the people are

I could ask you so many more questions just like this but for the sake of time I wont. Your welcome 😉 Whether we like it or not the fact is we are living in an online world. If we want to take advantage of what life has to offer we need to be there as well.

Any niche cane benefit from a blog. I don’t care what you do, you can create a website out of it. You can start an informational blog on literally any topic. Lack of money can not be an excuse either, you can start a blog for free!

If you are not sure of topics you could start a blog on message me HERE –>(busygalshomestead@leahslovelylops.com)  and tell my what your niche is (cattle, livestock, cooking, a particular hobby or craft. If you don’t have an idea of a topic send me 4 things you like to do or are good at.) I will personally send you 3-5 overall blog topics you could start in your niche.



bring your homestead online

Your website is working all of the time, even if you are asleep. People are awake at odd hours and in different time zones scrolling the internet and you will miss out on that opportunity to reach that person of you are not there on Facebook or some other social media outlet.


It gives you clout

I have gained sales because of people calling me over the person who did not have a website listed in their sales add on a local listing for livestock. It brings peoples mind at ease when they can come to a site and see other animals you have. Anyone can through up an ad. It takes more time and effort to create a site.

When you create a site put peoples reviews from your Facebook page on there. If you here someone give you a wonderful complement as them if you can quote them on your site. Find places to be featured, guest post and put those opportunities on your sight.

Builds relationships

When you have a site that lest people get to know you and what you do. You are building a lasting relationship that builds know, like, and trust with your audience. You must gain their trust before they are going to give you access to their debit card.

You can make sales

When you have a website you are able to set up sales funnels to help you generate income with out you even being online. For more income ideas you will love this posts.

Income Streams

Out of the box income streams




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