Date one business at a time… Ok that might seem like a weird analogy but it’s still true. You shouldn’t  date more that one person at a time and the same is true for your business. We can only do so many things well. If we spread ourselves too thin we are not giving our business the attention it needs to grow and thrive.

 dont step out on your business

Avoid that new shiny thing.

As entrepreneurs our mind works constantly, it can be easy to see what others are doing and what to try to do everything they do. We get pulled in by the outward success they seem to be having. Run down this new rabbit hole and leave our other projects behind. We would like to think that wouldn’t happen, but if we are honest with ourselves it happens more than we want to admit.


Be Content Where You Are.

As hard as that may sound we have to find what works for us and stick to it. Don’t waver back and forth. When we doing give our strategies long enough to take hold and develop a pattern we cant really say it is not working. It can take time to build a relationship with your audience.

Always know what you want to get out of your strategy. Is it to bring people to your website, or gain more social media followers? Is there a finical motivation to doing that new thing or participating in that activity. There could be so many different end results that could come of your work and you have to decide what you want to get out of it.

Deciding you end result goal will help you assess an opportunity to decide if it is right for you and your business. We can’t do everything that comes our way so we must be strategic in the things we commit to.


dont step out on your business, evaluate

When you find your self being pulled away from your current business, go back to why you started it in the first place. What got you so excited you couldn’t wait to put into practice. Do the things that set your soul on fire! Don’t follow someone else off your path just because it will bring your business “to the next level” in the short time promised.

Ask your self

  1. Does this fit with my dream business goals. (Is this something you want to do for the long term or short term)
  2. How will it benefit my business now. (Will it bring more visibility, business or followers)
  3. What is my opportunity cost. (will this cause me to say no to something else)

If you are feeling like you business idea is just not getting you anywhere, be patent and stick with it. In time it will come. Sometimes we make changes and hope that we might see emendate changes. When we don’t see the change we hoped for we continue to add pressure to ourselves to make something happen now. It doesn’t always work like that. When we continue to do what we set out to do, the results will come. You will be amazed at what can happen if you just let it go and not try to force results to happen.

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