Group Coaching

You Were Not Meant To Do This Alone.

Who is this for….

•Are you a mom who wants to feel like you have a purpose beyond the kids and house work.
•Do you want to create your own movement that gives you a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning?
•Are you a teen who has a brilliant idea but doesn’t know how to get a business up and running?

Wanting to add to your income but not knowing how is a difficult place to be. You have a brilliant idea but you feel stuck. You have even put your products out there but no one is buying. You want help but you don’t have the money for a one on one coaching.

That is a difficult place to be…

So that is why we created our group coaching program that is launching in October.


Topics covered each week.

Week 1: Assessment & vision planning.

Week 2 : Profitability research and take the steps to move your business forward.

Week 3 : Sales & Visibility Plan

Week 4 : Tech, Automation, and managing.



The price does not reflect the value. We know that spending hundreds of dollars might not be an option for some, and we want everyone to get the help they need to get their business idea started.

That’s why we created the group coaching program so we can have an affordable option for everyone. I don’t want something like money to get in the way of your success.

Save Your Spot

How does this work?

Once you have your spot saved for the program you will receive an email with what to expect and the time line of when you will be added to the group as well as activates and coaching call times.

Every Thursday there will be a 1hr coaching call where we talk about the topic for that week and who you can accomplish the tasks.

There will be worksheets and homework for each lesson.

Anytime you have a question you are able to ask it in the group to get your peers opinion (I will be answering in there daily as well).

If you have questions you would like me to answer in privet you are able to send me a privet message.



Excel work Book and Trello Boards to help you manage your business with success ($47)


Are you ready to get your business off the ground?

The cart will close September 29th!!!

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