We see people post their content on all the places and we start to feel we should be everywhere too. We create all of the accounts, set up all of the profiles and load images and text wee after week. We start to fall behind and feel like dirt because we can’t keep up. How do they do it? You don’t have the time to be on your computer 10 hours a day posting to every social media outlet posable, and to be quite honest neither do I.

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How do they do it?

Here is the kicker… They don’t unless all they do is sit in front of a computer 10 hours a day.

So what do people do?

Personally, I take a set amount of time each week and schedule as much out as posable, or time batch (more on time batching here). In the time I set aside for content creation I take the blog posts and create the images for my social media outlets at the same time. Then I go and schedule them with some text pulled from that blog post.

Let me show you what I mean by this, take the same content and convert it to work on other platforms. In some cases, it can be as simple as creating an image that works best on a certain platform.

So let’s say that you write a gardening post. On how to make a raised garden bed.

Facebook Content

You write the copy (text) for the post and you create a header for your post. Which if created in my favorite site canva is typically 560 x 315 pixels. Making it look something like this.

how to leverage your conent

Pinterest Imagery

Then you take the same style and image to convert it to the right dimensions for Pinterest. Witch if again created in canva are 730 x 1102 pixels.  Making it look the general shape like this.

How to leverage your social media content.

Twitter Content

For twitter, you don’t even have to create an image you could if you chose not to. All you would have to do is pull one or two “quotes” or sentences that can be said in 140 characters or less and link back to the post they came from. The scheduler will pull the image from the link. Don’t do this for all social media outlets. They will not give you as much reach if you just copy and paste links.

Generating Traffic

You don’t have to create new content for every outlet you are on. If you are wanting to build up traffic on your site ALWAYS  link back to your post. You must put the link there to pull them into wanting to read your content. If your goals is to build site traffic than putting your work on other outlets for people to find is going to increase your chances by quite a bit.

Social Media Schedulers

Social media schedulers are wonderful tools to help you save time. You can write up all of your posts at the same time and set them to go out while you are cleaning out the barn or doing your grocery shopping.

I recommend smarter-queue (Click the link to get your free 30-day trial.) Because once you schedule something it never goes away. It just gets put back at the bottom of the list and will be reposted later.

How awesome is that!

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