I was researching natural remedies and found this helpful article. let us know how it works for you. It is very simple and to the point. Instead of using commercial solutions for flea and insect infestations, try creating your own natural remedies.

Having an active home with pets can lead to an infestation of bugs and fleas if not carefully controlled. The most casual stroll through the supermarket will reveal dozens of supposed remedies, each with their own toxic cocktail. These can then replace the bug with a new contamination or harsh chemical poisons. Instead of instantly running for these products you can try and create some of your own using organic products.

Flea Treatments

One very common method of getting rid of fleas on your pet is to feed them a tablespoon of raw brewer’s yeast one time daily. You should consult a veterinarian to find out if they are allergic.

There are some that say feeding your cat garlic is a good method, however, it has been found to be not quite as effective, and can be toxic to animals in larger doses. Be wary before following this advice.

Apple cider vinegar diluted with five cups of their water is also a way to help rid them of fleas and some other parasites.

Washing Them Away

If you want to get the fleas off of their body you can bath them with diluted vinegar or calendula oil.

Spray: Take one-third of a teaspoon of (Affiliate link) eucalyptus oil and mix it with a whole cup of water. From here you can put it into a spray bottle and spray the animal and the rest of the house two to four times a week. Shake often while using.


You can create an effective bug repellent by taking a cup of water and adding the following essential oils.

Use this in a spray bottle as you would with any other commercial bug repellent. If you want to get rid of ants and other intrusive insects you can spray vinegar in the corners and cracked areas of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Do you have a repellent that has worked for getting rid of fleas? Connect with me I would love to hear your thoughts.

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