Life is crazy sometimes. We have so much going on and lots more that we want to do but sometimes it is just not possible..

We have to decide what is important to us and simplify what we are doing before we can pivot into the things that mean the most to us.

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Where do you want to be?

When trying to decide where you need to simplify, look at where you want to be in life and in business. Do you want to have more time to do something you enjoy? Maybe your life is changing and you need to find your purpose.

Do you want a less-stressful life? I don’t think there is such a thing as a stress free life but we can certainly do everything we can do reduce the amount that we have.

Where Are You Now?

Is their stress in your life, something that is taking up a lot of energy that you don’t enjoy? There is no point in doing something that causes stress and anxiety in your life. Maybe you have a lot of animals that you have to care for on a daily basis that you don’t enjoy. Sure there are some days that you wonder why you are dong this but it goes away sooner or later.

Personal Story: I am going to be real honest with you here. There was a certain ministry at church that my husband and I were doing together. (I had done this ministry before I was married and it was just not where I was meant to be.) Well my husband started dropping hints that he wanted to do this same ministry again and I eventually gave in. We did it for 2 three month terms. At the end of the last one I had to tell my husband that I just could not continue to do to this ministry. I started dreading it every Sunday morning and didn’t even want to go to church it was that far out of my element. I just did not enjoy it.

I had to get over my own emotions to not feel guilty for having to drop the ministry. I had to make a choice to simplify my life and bring it back to where I need to be and focus on the other two ministry opportunities I was doing. 

Is It Realistic?

Being involved with a lot of homesteaders and people who are dong such amazing things, it can be easy to get couth up in all of that and think. I should be making my own bread and grinding my own flower. Switching over to solar power, growing every vegetable that we will need for the year. Producing our own milk, eggs, soaps, and meat.  This list could go on for miles.

Lets be really honest here. Doing all of those things is not realistic. We have a life we need to make money to pay for those things. Maybe you are able to do most of those things. BUT is it worth the extra effort and stress it would put on you to get all of those things done.

That is where you have too look at your never ending list and see what is worth doing to YOU. Don’t let others dictate what you are doing because you feel you should.

What Can You Simplify?

You should never dread something so much that you don’t want to go to the event that you normally love. Maybe you don’t have to get ride of that thing completely but something could change. Look at where you want to be and what you can simplify by changing what you do or removing it completely.


I love this book by Ruth Soukup call Unstuffed: Decluttering your home mind and soul.

I hope this post will bring you some peace and the courage to make the changes you need to.

If you would like to talk to someone about where you need to focus your time and energy schedule a free 20 min call to find the help you need.

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