Whether we are running a business or a home time batching can be useful for anyone. It might seem silly or darn near imposable if you have kids who are constantly depending on you for things. You never know when you will have a few moments to yourself to do the things you need to. If this describes you then do it this way make a list of the things that need to get done. Then when you have a few moments get that most important thing on the list done first then go to the next thing. To better understand read a purposeful to do list.

In short, time batching is doing one set thing for a specific amount of time.

Find a planner that works for you and has the hours plotted out. I LOVE This insert for daily use. It is intended for a six ring binder planner.

Set Aside The Time

Unless you have something that keeps you from doing your tasks in the time allotted, aka children. Try to schedule out your time to do the tasks each day.  When time batching set a timer if you need to while doing the designated task at hand.

Set Aside The Space

If you are taking the time to work on your business or something that takes concentration. Go to a quiet place where you can think and not be distracted. You will get the most done when your mind is focused and ready to work.

Turn off the sound on your phone or notifications from things like Facebook or email. Being ready to tackle the task at hand also means preparing the mind space.

For The One Thing

When you blog out time to do something for your home or business only do that one thing. If you set aside 30-60 min for content creation while your child is napping. Only do content creation. Don’t play something to listen to or clean up the room while you are plotting your points.


If you need help prioritizing and setting up your days schedule a free 20min call to see how we can help bring a little peace to your chaos.

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