Oh my gosh! I can not tell you how much good a waiting list has done for my business! There is so much good it can do its hard to know where to start.

reasons to have a waiting list

Reason #1 – It keeps you from having realy on THIER memory to call you back. Life gets busy and they forget. However, when we have their contact information the ball is in our court to make the move when we have something available. We have a much better idea of who is serious and who is not.

Reason #2 When people hear you have a waiting list it triggers them to think ” this person must be popular if they have people waiting to buy from them”.

Reason #3 It help so you know how much business you have in reserve. For example, if you sell livestock you know how many offspring you need to meet your customers needs. (Read this post for more on planning your breeding season.) If you hand make your product you know how many hours of work you have a head of you. In which case you can decide to stop taking work till you are able to catch up. Or you can just inform your customers how far out you are booked.

Reason #4 when people know that they are on your waiting list they are far less likely to just buy from someone else. When they have a spot on your list they are more respectful of your time and effort.. It doesn’t work all the time but it does help build some loylety.

To keep from losing people do an occasional check in with them If they are wanting an animal send an email when you do the breeding then again when the babies are born to keep the anticipation going. If you are making a product let them know when you have started the project and send a photo so they can see how it is coming along. It also keeps you from getting in over your head and have more “orders” then you can delver.

If you want a want list sent to you so you don’t have to make it your self. Just submit your info in the form below and you will have a waiting list in both an excel work book and a trello board template.


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